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Agatha Hambi is a young designer and visionary from London, with a particular interest in

creating a modern take on classic looks, using minimal shapes and cuts to emphasise a

woman's natural beauty. She takes great inspiration from the female form, and it's expression

through the wonderful arcs of the body curves, and the strength and power women possess in

their bodies.

Agatha graduated from University in Fashion and Design specialising in womenswear. Her 

graduate collection was featured in various high fashion magazines such as : Vogue Italia online,

Vision China, Chaos Mag, Indie, Revs and Volt.

Pieces from this collection were also worn by A list celebrities such as: Lady Gaga, Jessie Ware

and Eliza Doolittle.

Agatha has also taken her hand to styling, her passion and natural talent to put pieces together 

leading her to be a stylist on some high profile shoots, whilst also producing and setting up her 

own shoots, co-ordinating and sourcing the fashion, locations, model and photographers.

She also has a huge passion for art, and is incredibly inspired by both modern and classic

work, which is interpreted into her work in fashion and costume design. Agatha recently studied

sculpture,painting and fine art drawing in Naples at Etna school, Palazzo Venezia.

On her return from Italy, Agatha is exploring her passion for costume within stories, and has

recently transitioned into costume for film, TV and commercials, which she is very much enjoying

and looking to continue to explore this avenue.

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