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Agatha Hambi is a Greek Cypriot artist, born and raised in London, whose artistic journey began in the world of fashion and design, specialising in womenswear. 

Seeking new creative outlets, Agatha moved to Naples, Italy, where she studied fine art and sculpture at Etna School, Palazzo Venezia. Upon returning to London, Agatha continued to explore and develop new techniques, experimenting with wood, plaster, and natural pigments. Her experimentation with these new mediums resulted in the creation of wall reliefs and sculptures. Her pieces are inspired by the human form, with a focus on capturing the arches and curves that the body creates.
Agatha's work is also deeply rooted in the interplay between the art and the space that it's in. The interplay of light and shadow creates dynamic expressions that shift and transform as the environment changes. Her pieces are meant to adapt to their surroundings and engage viewers in new and different ways.

Throughout her creative process Agatha leaves room for experimentation, and many times without an exact outcome, this creates a sense of freedom and fluidity in her work. Allowing her work to evolve in unexpected ways.


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