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  • "DUO" takes its inspiration from the contours and arches of the female form, with a focus on intimate details and subtle crevices. It symbolizes the opposite sides of yourself uniting to create a seamless whole. The interplay of light and shadow creates dynamic expressions that shift and transform as the environment changes. As a one-of-a-kind piece, you will be the only one in possession of it, making it a truly special addition to your collection. 

    Dimensions : 56.5 x 33.5 cm


    Editionn : Handmade, one of a kind


    Orientation : Can be orientated both vertically and horizontally


    Colour and Material :Constructed from wood, plaster and paint


    Delivery:  Lead time approx 2- 4 weeks dependent on location. All reliefs are sent from London. Delivery charges will appear from the order confirmation before you pay


    Disclaimer: This artwork offers the flexibility of being displayed in various orientations based on your preference. Notably, there are no visible hooks or hardware on the back, allowing you to choose the most suitable positioning for your space.

    When determining the method of attachment, we kindly ask you to exercise caution during any drilling or screwing processes at the back. The delicate nature of these components means they can be vulnerable to breakage if mishandled. Prioritize a gentle touch to avoid any accidental damage.

    For your convenience, we recommend placing a soft support, such as a pillow, beneath the front of the sculpture before applying any pressure during installation. This added precaution ensures that the delicate elements remain protected while you secure the artwork in place.

    Your careful approach will help maintain its beauty and intricacy over time.

     Do not place the relief outside, close to heat or water.

    As each piece is handmade small imperfections on the sculpture may be visable.

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